Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week:

Day 7: Alternate Universe

Nine years later, Logan and Veronica use social media. And iPhones. (Inspired by 1 & 2.)

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logan echolls is a detective working on a case when he meets veronica mars, a burlesque dancer.

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Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

Day 6 Favorite Favorite AU: Logan and Veronica have children

Veronica works a case that requires her and Logan to be away from home. Not trusting their youngest daughter, Sophia, with their son, James, and because their eldest daughter, Charlotte, is away at college Logan is forced to entertain the 11 year old in the hotel room.

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Logan/Veronica Appreciation Week | Day Seven | Favorite AU » 1946 Tripoli-set Espionage Romance Thriller EPIC

The Pliant Web

The Medina is just starting to pick up, the vendors bustling with new vigor, taking the time to reorganize their wares. They know that now is the time of the day when the expat crowd most like to make their appearances. Prices go up, and the stalls burst with silkily spoken English, along with French and Italian. Everyone with a smile in place. The colors are warm, the usual honeyed hues of a Mediterranean city, and the air has that famous, distinctive smell of orange blossoms. He’s gonna miss this place.

Logan rubs his fingers on the surface of the rug, the texture is rough against his skin, but he can see the quality. The weave is tight and the colors are perfectly differentiated. Nevertheless, one must bargain or the natives will lose all respect. He sighs. ”Il est orange, je n’aime pas l’orange.”

Il est rouge, rouge, le soleil vous joue des tours.” The merchant is a something of a friend, young, with eyes that appear startled most of the time giving him a humorous aspect of incredulity.

Mais je n’ai pas besoin d’un tapis.” Logan squints and looks to the side, as if he is considering moving to another stall.

The merchant’s voice hitches up, suddenly, his arms expansive, the billowing sleeves of his white gown making him appear larger than he really is. ”Les tapis ajoutent une touche de la magie à une chambre. C’est comme de l’art sur les murs. Ils aident à harmoniser un espace.

Logan smirks. ”Mais ou avez-vous entendu ça, Cornélius?” He waves his hand at him dismissively. ”N’utilisez pas votre discours de suceur d’expatrier sur moi.

“Quoi? I do not comprehend your meaning. I’m sorry, Mr. Logan but your French is criminal.”

Logan’s voice drops to a whisper. “So is your operation but you don’t hear me complaining.”

Cornelius laughs. “I’m starting to understand why the US Navy didn’t want you.”

“Yeah, well, Uncle Sam don’t have much use for cripples.” He smiles ruefully, tapping his cane on the ground for emphasis. “Besides where else can I practice my French, if not with you?”

The merchant smoothly hands Logan an envelope of cash hidden in a scarf the color of currants. Logan unwraps the scarf as if to examine it and deftly slips the envelope into his sleeve. Winnings from a gambling operation in an illegal casino across town. Not his, he’s just the pick-up man. He hands the scarf back with a shrug and Cornelius hangs it back with the others. The subterfuge, while ridiculous, is necessary. The war may be over but times are tough, and finding trustworthy types like Cornelius is rare. Logan transfers the envelope into a cleverly sewn pickpocket-proof interior pouch and as he turns he spots two acquaintances entering the market, unknowingly heading in his direction— Reuters Libyan correspondent, Stosh Piznarski and his chipper little camera-toting wife Veronica “Call me Ronnie” Piznarski.

“Do me a favor, Corny old sport. Lay it on real thick with these two when they come this way, I don’t want them to see me and trap me in a conversation about issues with the British Military Administration or,” he gives a delicate shiver. “Homer.”

“You are a strange man, Mr. Logan.”

Logan smiles and grabs a handful of almonds before Cornelius can slap his hand. “And yet you love me.”

He grins at him widely and slinks out of sight seconds before Piznarski and mate come bounding along. Logan doesn’t dislike the man exactly. If you overlook his longish hair and propensity for puns, he’s an alright guy. When cornered, Logan finds it best to guide him into a conversation about jazz, a topic they both seem to enjoy, and steer him clear of editorial-style ranting that never fails to make Logan want to hop on the nearest camel and head straight to the deserts of Fezzan.

Now his wife… She is interesting. Beautiful? Absolutely, if a little sharper than what he usually went for. Tiny and animated, with slender legs that went on far longer than they had a right to considering her stature. She is in many ways your typical expat wife, chatty, fair, with a sparkly peal of a laugh that announced her position in a room, always cooing over the customs. But there is something else to her, something he can’t quite place. Last week at the a dinner party for the British Consulate, he could’ve sworn he saw her roll her eyes at one of Lady Sinclair’s more asinine pronouncements, but when he leaned in to have a closer look, she was all nods and eager smiles, not a trace of discord in sight.

He watches them from the shadow of a doorway and laughs to himself as Corny enthusiastically shows them a variety of change purses. Piznarski buys one and hands it over to Ronnie with some fanfare, she rewards him with a chaste peck on the cheek. They walk hand in hand through the market, and Logan follows them impulsively, at a respectful distance. 

After ten minutes or so, Ronnie points to her watch and pouts prettily. Piznarski embraces her and she walks off, under the arches, in the direction of the Italian Quarter where most of the expats reside. Piznarski watches her go fondly, then stares at the wares on the table in front of him before settling on a Tuareg cross, which he purchases without haggling, thanking the man in Berber and bounding off like a puppy in the park.

Logan stands there for a moment, taking stock of the sweet, domestic scene he’s just witnessed. It’s adorable how innocent they are, those two. He can’t quite believe they’re real. It’s a like a war never happened, not in the world, not in their hearts, like no one ever died. He laughs. If that was a gift for her, she won’t like it, she favors smaller things. Even he knows that and he barely knows her.

A flash of yellow catches his eye and he sees Ronnie Piznarski entering back from where she came from. He slouches and hides himself behind a stall, hurriedly passing the merchant a few coins and putting his fingers up to his mouth in a shushing motion. She looks around cautiously, then her expression changes, shifts into something fascinatingly, intriguingly, hard-edged. She takes out a dark scarf from her purse and covers her blonde hair with it, quickly and efficiently as if she’s done this dozens of times, then walks the other way, deeper into the market, in a determined, fleet-footed rush.

Logan doesn’t even think about it. He throws his cane in the air gaily, catches it, and takes off after her. Far enough away as to remain undetected and close enough to keep her in his sights, moving seamlessly in the crowd, one lock of yellow hair escaping her headscarf, curled at the nape of her neck, a little damp and a lot bright.

(more of this story to be posted on AO3 later tonight)


Special thanks to lilamadison11 for the gorgeous poster, machaswicket and disdainfullady for beta reading on the fly like champions, and fponthedl and adzimba for translating some French for me and making Logan sound ridiculous.

One big hug to everyone at loganandveronica for dreaming up this week, everyone who participated - you are all inspiring.

(Psst. bryrosea, there’s a joke in the French dialogue that’s just for you.)

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 I am beyond tardy for my physics class.

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logan and veronica appreciation week | day seven - favorite au

couldn’t come up with a good au photoset idea, so have a season 2 lilly lives au fic instead:

"So, what have you been up to while I’ve been off being studious, Ver-on-ic-a?" Lilly emphasized each syllable in her name simply to annoy her sometimes, she was pretty sure.

"Studious?" Veronica choked on a laugh. "Because I’m pretty sure the only college stories you’ve mentioned have involved boys, parties, more boys, that girl you kissed at the gay bar you went to, and more boys. Did you actually do any studying, Lil?"

Lilly shrugged. “Eh. I passed everything. Though one of those grades may have involved flirting with one of my professors.”

"Ick, Lilly, please tell me you’re not seeing a teacher."

Lilly flipped her hair back and sighed dramatically. “No, no teachers. But only because none of them are hot enough. But there’s always next semester!”

Veronica shook her head. “Terrible idea. Stick to the boys.”

"Oh, but men are so much better in bed!"

"Please never tell me how you know that."

Lilly grinned wickedly in response but kept quiet. 

The girls were sprawled out in her room at the Kane estate. It was mid-December, and Lilly was back home for winter break after her first semester away at college.

"But seriously Veronica, what the hell have you been up to lately? You only answer half my calls and have been surprisingly tight-lipped on your personal life since I left. What are you hiding?” she teased. 

Veronica laughed and tried to keep her poker face intact. “Nothing exciting. Senior year grades are important if I want to get into Stanford, you know.”

Lilly pouted. “I don’t know why you can’t come to USC with me instead.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “How about because Stanford is an amazing school? And I’d be lucky to get in? And I want to succeed instead of getting dragged to frat parties by you every night?”

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. But seriously, I know you haven’t been just studying, Veronica. So what…or more like who…has been occupying your time? Please tell me it’s not my idiot brother?”

Veronica blanched. “Ugh, no. Not that again. I mean, I get why he broke up with me and everything, now that mom left and the whole story came out. But even with the paternity test proving I’m a Mars through and through, just…no. No way. Not going there again. He was too much of an asshole to me. I could never trust him again after the way he treated me, even if he did have his reasons. Besides, he’s still hung up on Meg.”

Lilly frowned and took on a softer tone. “How’s she doing? Any change?” 

Veronica shook her head sadly. 

"I liked her."

Veronica nodded. “Who doesn’t? Hopefully she wakes up…”

Lilly nodded and sighed. “Anyway, someone still hasn’t answered my damn question, Veronica Mars. Who has been occupying your time? Don’t think I didn’t spot your blush earlier when I asked. No one takes studying that seriously, even you, Miss All A’s.” 

Veronica shrugged and did her best to appear nonchalant. “Oh, no one special.”

"Oh, but there is someone? Do they go to Neptune? Anyone I know?”

Veronica shook her head and kept her mouth shut. “It’s nothing exciting, Lil.”

"Then why are blushing and so tight-lipped?"

Veronica sighed. “Let’s just say he’s not my…usual type. And things are going pretty well. But we’re kind of keeping things…between ourselves until we figure out what it all means.”

"So then I definitely know him.”

Veronica laughed in response.

Suddenly, Lilly’s face went slack. Veronica observed a look of dawning on her best friend’s features and watched as the corners of her mouth curled up into a smirk.

"Oh," Lilly said simply. "I get it. I know who it is."

Veronica blinked. “I sincerely doubt it.”

Lilly chuckled darkly under her breath. “Oh, I know it. I was wondering if this was going to happen. You two became such close friends last year after he lost his mom. Not that you weren’t already, but…yeah, I kind of saw this coming. I just thought you would at least tell me you were dating my ex-boyfriend, Veronica Mars!”

Veronica spluttered. “What? What makes you think…? And which one anyway, Lilly, you have so many ex-boyfriends….”

Lilly ignored her. “Well, this explains why for some reason both you and he were both busy at the same time last night when I came into town. You said you were tutoring freshman in math!”

This time it was Veronica that smirked. “Well, his math skills are about on that level, so really…”

Lilly threw her head back with laughter. “So how long have you been sleeping with Logan?”

Veronica gasped and turned a deep shade of pink. “What?! Lilly! I’m not…I haven’t…I mean, okay, there’s been a fair amount of fooling around, but we haven’t actually…”

"Oh, but things are headed in that direction?" she teased. "He’s very good," she conceded. "You picked your first well."

Veronica gaped at her. “So you’re not…pissed? Upset? Furious with me for hooking up with your ex? I mean, I know you tend to be pretty carefree, Lilly, but let me just say I wasn’t expecting…this. Some screaming about betrayal of friendship, maybe.”

Lilly frowned. “Logan and I have been done for over two years. You know that. And okay, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea, but seeing how close you two got last year…I kind of expected it. I guess it makes sense,” she said with a shrug. “Logan’s a romantic. It’s one of the reasons we were never gonna work. He’s a good boyfriend, just a needy one. But that kind of thing wouldn’t bother you like it bothers me. Plus, all that snarking you two did over the years was clearly becoming sexual tension after a while,” she added with an over-the-top eye-roll. 

"Was not," Veronica muttered.

"Sure looked like foreplay," Lilly disagreed.

"Yeah, that’s what he called it, too."

Lilly simply laughed in response, then proceeded to entertain Veronica with tales of her most recent sexual misadventures and vivid descriptions of the hot guys she’s seen in the co-ed bathrooms. Then out of the blue, Veronica heard a very familiar laugh from across the hall. 

Lilly turned to Veronica and smirked. “Sounds like your boyfriend’s here.”

"Is that really surprising? He’s still Duncan’s best friend."

"Yeah, and I’m sure Donut is going to take the news of your love affair just great.”

Veronica sighed. “Why did we have to go and fall for our best friend’s exes? Why are we making our lives more complicated than they need to be? I mean, are we kidding ourselves here, Lilly? It’s Logan Echolls. We’re radically different people.”

"Not so different, I think. You’re both loving and loyal and have a keen appreciation for my fabulousness."

Veronica grinned. 

The laughter and voices were getting louder now, seemingly just outside their door, and Lilly glanced at Veronica with a mischevious smile. 

"HEY ECHOLLS!" she shouted, much to Veronica’s dismay, "GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND SAY HELLO TO YOUR—-"

"Lilly, don’t you dare finish that sentence like I think you’re going to…" Veronica said in a low, dangerous voice.

"—FRIENDS!" Lilly finished, raising her eyebrows at Veronica like she had no idea what her problem was.

The door swung open, and Logan stood there grinning expectantly, Duncan’s head peaking out from behind him. 

"Well, well, well, if it isn’t the illustrious Lilly Kane, back from the hallowed halls of academia."

The way his gaze slid quickly to Veronica wasn’t lost on either of the girls, nor was the little smirk he wore or the spark in his eyes when he looked at her. 

"Hey Donut," Lilly started, "Would you do your favorite and only big sis a favor and go make some popcorn?"

Duncan rolled his eyes. “Do it yourself, Lil.”

"Fine, then I’m telling Mom about the time you broke the vase after you got drunk at—"

"Fine, fine! Always with the blackmail…" He headed downstairs and away from them.

Lilly’s lips spread into a cheshire grin. “Sit down, Logan.” She patted the space on the bed in-between her and Veronica.  “Let’s have a chat.”

Logan quirked a brow. “I’ll stand.”

"Suit yourself," Lilly replied. "So tell me something…has my influence on Veronica left her as kinky in bed as I’d always hoped she’d be?"


Logan stared at them both with wide eyes. “Uh…”

Veronica collected herself and took a deep breath. She met Logan’s gaze, smiled, and shrugged. “Yeah, Lilly knows.”

His lips curled up. “Well, in that case…”

He took his intended seat on the bed between the pair of them, pulled Veronica against him, and kissed her passionately. 

Lilly blanched as the pulled apart after several moments. “As glad as I am that you’re bringing our little innocent friend here some sexual enlightenment, Echolls, I think that’s something I could go without seeing again for a while.”

"Sucks to be you then, Lils," he smirked and pulled Veronica into his lap. "And trust me, she doesn’t need much enlightening. Some people just have a natural talent," he leaned in and planted a kiss on his girlfriend’s neck. 

Veronica shook her head at both of them and clawed out of Logan’s lap, knowing the more clueless member of the Fab Four would be back soon, but stayed glued to Logan’s side. 

"I think that’s enough for today’s episode of Let’s Mortify Veronica," she said, "But I’m sure there will plenty of time for more of that tomorrow."

"And every day I’m here until I head back to school," Lilly agreed. 

Veronica groaned and shook her head dispassionately. “I’m going to the bathroom, then let’s watch that movie we were talking about?” She squeezed Logan’s thigh and stood up. “Do try not to kill each other while I’m gone. I’d miss you both, and I’d really hate to be stuck with only Duncan for company.”

"That would indeed be tragic," came Logan’s response, and Veronica exited the room.

Lilly turned to Logan with a serious look. “You get that if you hurt her…”

"You’ll rip my balls off and shove them down my throat?"

"Right in one."

"Trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about. That one," he gestured to the door Veronica had just left through, "Is a keeper. I’m not stupid enough to mess up one of the best things that’s ever happened to me."

"Good, because you’d seriously regret it."

"Don’t I know it," he agreed, appearing wistful for a moment. "C’mon," he stood up. "Let’s go get the movie set up. Wouldn’t want to keep my lady waiting."

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Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

7. Favorite LoVe AU (as book covers of course):

I am a huge fan of the VM fanfic writers.  There are so many amazing AU stories out there - especially as the movie came out this year and made many of the after Season 3 stories AU.  I chose three current AUs that I’m obsessed with that are VERY AU in their own ways for this.  If you haven’t read these - go now.  They are so very good.

Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own by mysilverylining

Haunted by scandalpantsstuff

Mr. Darcy Comes to Neptune by vmsteenbeans

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LVAW: Day 7: Favorite AU


Basically, my favorite AU is always going to be one where someone gets a hug they needed and didn’t get in canon. HUGS FOR EVERYONE! So, without further ado.

AU of the confrontation scene from 3x07: Of Vice and Men (Logan and Veronica both need a hug)




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Drowning Together

Logan bites his lip, running his hands through his hair, “By the time we got out of the room, the fire was spreading. The whole motel was going up in flames. Okay? And, I don’t know, we had to get out of there.”

Veronica is incredulous, disappointment and hurt clouding her features. “You didn’t stick around to try to help? You didn’t see if everyone was okay?” You lied to me?

Logan swallows hard and looks down at the floor, “You know, it’s because of the look on your face right now that I didn’t want to tell you.” Frustrated, he looks straight at her, trying to make her understand, “I did what nine out of ten guys in my situation would have done! I ran.” Veronica can feel the disgust crawling across her face. “So, either Mercer sits in jail here, or he gives his alibi and sits on his ass in some Mexican jail. At least here he’s innocent.”

Jaw set, Veronica spits out the information, “tell Lamb to check the log at the campus radio station. That should get your friend released.”

She turns and starts stalking out of the suite, wrapping her rightness and her hurt around her; taking comfort in the buffer they provide from the turmoil of her other feelings. Just before she leaves the room, a soft noise—an almost whimpering exhale—from behind her makes her turn around. She sees Logan. He is hunched over the bed, propped up on his hands. She thinks she sees a tear roll down the side of his nose.

He lied.

He would have kept lying if you didn’t make him fess up.

He just left all of those people.

He lied.

Logan straightens up and turns, startled to see her still there. He runs a hand over his face and exhales raggedly. “Veronica…”

Their eyes lock miserably for what seems like an eternity. He lied. Logan bites his lip and nods a little, the look on his face so resigned that it aches. He turns away from her again.

Veronica doesn’t so much soften as crack; she splits wide open.

She sets her bag down by the foot of the bed, toes quietly out of her boots, and shrugs off her denim jacket. As she is reaching under her shirt to unhook her bra, Logan pivots back toward her, hands clenched into fists at his sides, eyes dark with some unnamable emotion. Veronica tosses her bra on the ground and, otherwise fully clothed, pulls back the covers and crawls into Logan’s bed.

He stares at her, still swamped in fear and misery.

Veronica looks up at him, face hard. “Come here.”

Logan draws a deep breath in through his nose and scrambles into bed. He wraps himself around her, limpet-like and buries his face in her shoulder. He is shaking almost imperceptibly, a fine quivering running through his whole body, as they hold each other tightly. Veronica rubs light circles on his back and he grips her t-shirt.

Veronica struggles to make her voice resolute. “I’m still mad.”

He nods. Shakes, relaxes. Shakes, relaxes.

Feelings are buffeting her, she can feel the fierce pounding of Logan’s heart echoing though her. “Furious, actually.”

He nods again, his shaking lessening. He is calming himself down, she recognizes, his hands smoothing up and down her back, centering himself with touch. Minutes tick by in the dark. Logan’s tone is almost even when he finally speaks. “I’m mad too, Veronica. You act like I—”

Perversely, his increasing steadiness collapses her emotional walls even further. “I know. But you l-lied to me.” Her chin is wobbling out of control now, voice quavering.

Logan grips her waist hard, his fingers biting through her t-shirt, the pressure anchoring them together. “No. No! I didn’t lie. I just didn’t…” He trails off and silence settles heavily over them.

Quietly, she finishes, “didn’t tell me the truth.”

“I don’t really expect you to trust me, you know, but—“

Veronica interrupts, her voice low and fierce, “I do trust you, Logan; in a lot of ways that are very hard for me. I trust you here,” she waves a hand to indicate the bed, “I trust you not to hurt me. I trust you to…see me.” Her voice is almost an inaudible whisper at this point. “I don’t think you understand what a big deal that is for me.”

Logan draws in a big, gasping breath, “I do. I do understand.” It is achingly quiet in the valleys between their statements. The glowing blue headboard casts an eerie glow over the scene.

Veronica continues, determined and anguished, “I just don’t trust you to tell me the truth.” She stiffens a little in his arms, “because you don’t.”

Logan buries his face in her again, his voice muffled against her collar bone. “I’m sorry. I really am. I can’t take it that we’re like this. That I’m like this.”

“Me neither.”

Logan shifts his body a bit so that they lay pressed together, chest to chest, Veronica’s head resting on Logan’s shoulder, their arms circling around each other, clutching.

Helplessly, feather-lightly, Logan kisses the top of Veronica’s head. Her fingers trace light patterns in the small of his back. He breathes into her hair. “Don’t leave, please. Stay here tonight.”


They lay there for a long time, holding each other silently in the dark. 


This ficlet was written for loganandveronica's Logan and Veronica appreciation week 

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LoVe Appreciation Week (Day 7) 

  ↳ Favorite AU: Not Pictured 2x22

Why? Because Logan & Veronica are together and happy. Lilly Kane never died, which also means that Logan’s dad isn’t a murderer. And Duncan is a douchebag, which we already knew. The only sad thing is she doesn’t know Wallace and therefore probably not Mac either. 

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logan/veronica appreciation week | favourite au » undercover!married

logan and veronica pose as a just-married couple in order to further investigate a suspect.

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