The Bitch is Back & The Veronica Mars Movie

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It was always you.
Can’t believe I could not see it all this time, all this time.
It was always you.
No more guessing who.

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Girl all I want, is just to see you smile
That pretty little smile

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Let me buy you a drink.

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Mars vs. Mars - The Police Station

The ease and familiarity between them in this episode, but especially in these scenes, is honestly something that’s incredibly overwhelming to me?? Like, it says SO MUCH about the years of unseen moments before. Logan goes back and forth between looking like a nervous wreck and a ticking time bomb, and not only is Veronica calm and assured, she also instinctively knows how to handle him - how to make sure he really hears her - the entire time. And he does because he trusts her again, doesn’t see her as the enemy anymore. Then there’s the way Logan zeroes in on the weirdness with Leo and Veronica, which is SUCH A GOOD HINT at his sudden need to look out for her in the episodes that follow.

And okay, I love how she just jumps in and holds him back/yells in his face because he’s being an idiot and she knows this is fueled by rage and desperation and panic and confusion, because she’s been on the other end of it firsthand, but that’s not going to get him anywhere!!! So she brings him back to a better level and he listens and he’s really trying. They were friends once!!!!! They know each other so well!! His mom was always nice to her, she knows what it’s like, she wants to find Lynn alive for him! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

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it’s not like i expected it, or any heavy thing

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↳ Logan & Veronica - Plan B 

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Our story is epic.

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tell the world that we finally got it all right. logan/veronica. {listen}

1. falling for you - the 1975 • you’re all i need, don’t you see me now? i think i’m falling, i’m falling for you

2. georgia - vance joy • and i could easily lose my mind, the way you kiss me will work each time, pulling me back into the flames, and i’m burning up again

3. breathe me - sia • be my friend, hold me, wrap me up, unfold me, i am small and needy, warm me up and breathe me

4. new york - snow patrol • if you were here beside me, instead of in new york, in the arms you said you’d never leave, i’d tell you that it’s simple and it was only ever us, there is nowhere else that i belong

5. drove me wild - tegan and sara • when i imagine you, i think of that room and it drives me wild, your face relaxed, your voice a whisper in my ear, and it drives me wild

6. like a river runs - bleachers • when i fall asleep i can see your face, what i lost in you i will not replace, and i could run away, i could let them down, but i will remember your light 

7. home - ingrid michaelson • this is my home, where i go when i don’t know where else to go, i know everything about this place, it wears your face, even when my body blows away, my soul will stay

8. do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys • maybe i’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new, now i’ve thought it through, crawling back to you

9. latch - disclosure feat. sam smith • how do you do it, you got me losing every breath, what did you give me to make my heart bleed out my chest? i feel we’re close enough, i wanna lock in your love, i think we’re close enough

10. out of the woods - taylor swift • but the monsters turned out to be just trees, when the sun came up, you were looking at me, i remember, oh i remember, are we out of the woods yet?

11. where we belong - thriving ivory • hold on, we’re gonna make it if it takes all night, hearts racing like a rocket at the speed of light, don’t fight it, we’ve been running for far too long, we’re going back where we belong

12. dust to dust - the civil wars • you’re like a mirror, reflecting me, takes one to know one, so take it from me, you’ve been lonely, you’ve been lonely too long, we’ve been lonely, we’ve been lonely too long

13. shine - benjamin francis leftwich • i could wrap you in your favorite clothes, and kiss your face just so you know, that i’m the one who has got your back, now turn around and don’t be sad

14. i choose you - sara bareilles • i’ll unfold before you, what i’ve strung together, the very first words of a lifelong love letter, tell the world that we finally got it all right, i choose you, i will become yours and you will become mine, i choose you

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